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Julmar ATAPI.NET - A .NET Wrapper for TAPI

windows server 2008 r2 is required. when installing recordings library there are two standard choices: devlink active recording and voicemail pro. follow the steps under the specific section that matches your needs. this section covers the steps to install and configure recording library for voicemail pro when the voicemail pro is installed on a linux server. you will be installing recording library on a windows server and then utilizing the voicemail pros built in ftp service to retrieve the recordings. note that call recording with voicemail pro requires avaya voicemail pro software licenses and chronicall recording library licenses.

Avaya Tapi Driver Windows 7 64 Bit


what my question is how to get the avaya drivers to work on windows 7. i am trying to get the tapi drivers to work on windows 7 or download the avaya tapi drivers. all the documentation is out of date.

im really sorry for trouble but i m calling your hotline at avaya and i m not able to communicate with your technical support. i m not expert but with my limited knowledge of tapi i m able to communicate with teher tech support. how much time it will take to resolve this issue. i have avaya tapi system with ip phone. it's all working fine but i can't activate my machine over the internet. i have a small home network and i have a router. i am connected to a router with a modem. i m not able to activate my machine over the internet. it was not working before. so i want to be sure that my problems will be resolved. please help me.

i have a 'dynamic' ip address on my pc so its not in the same subnet as my voip device, router, and gateway. i'm using the free version of avaya tapi and an avaya cs1000. i'm using the following ip configs for the three devices:

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