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Happily Ever After A Realistic Look At Cinderella And Her Handsome Prince

A classic fairytale is a novel Cinderella by Brothers Grimme it describes a young beautiful girl who goes from rags to riches. Cinderella spends most of her time performing chores for her evil stepmother and her ugly stepsisters. A fairy godmother comes to Cinderella and grants her a wish, Cinderella chose to attend the ball. At the ball she meets her prince, they danced and mingled most of the night. When the clock struck twelve Cinderella left the ball quickly and left her glass slipper. The prince then searched the kingdom to find the girl who would fit into the glass slipper. To the surprise of her evil stepmother and sisters, Cinderella ended marrying the prince and living happily ever after.

Happily Ever After A Realistic Look At Cinderella And Her Handsome Prince

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I love this story because it has a good end and the lesson is to be kind to other people no matter if they are poor or rich the thing that matters is to be kind to everyone and if we all do that we can make the world a better place and live our happily ever after life

Question 1 : Cinderella starts the story as a Housemaid to her stepmother and stepsisters while they go and boss her around. But Cinderella stills hopes to go to the ball with the Prince and continues to hope despite being bossed around by her stepmother and stepsisters. Then she eventually does meet her magic fairy after her stepmother denies her request to go to the festival. The Magic fairy dresses her up and takes her to the festival as a princess but tells her to be back before midnight. She forgets about midnight and rushes home while her prince does a kingdom-wide search. He eventually finds Cinderella and buts her magic slipper on and they get married happily ever after.

Then a girl with an uncanny resemblance to Anna appears on the shore, and the two girls catch the eyes of two charming princes. Suddenly Evie feels like she might finally have a chance at her own happily ever after.

In the animated fairy tale kingdom of Andalasia, the corrupt and ruthless Queen Narissa plots to protect her claim to the throne, which she will lose once her stepson, Prince Edward, finds his true love and marries. She enlists her loyal servant Nathaniel to keep Edward distracted by hunting trolls. Giselle, a young woman, dreams of meeting a prince and experiencing a "happily ever after". She, her chipmunk friend Pip, and animals from the forest work together to make a homemade statue of her true love. Edward hears Giselle singing and sets off to find her. Nathaniel frees a captured troll to kill Giselle, but Edward rescues her. She and Edward are instantly attracted to each other and plan to be married the following day.

Pip, a chipmunk who can talk in the 2D world of Andalasia, loses his ability to communicate through speech in the real world so he must rely heavily on facial and body gestures. This meant the animators had to display Pip's emotions through performance as well as making him appear like a real chipmunk. The team at Tippett began the process of animating Pip by observing live chipmunks which were filmed in motion from "every conceivable angle", after which they created a photorealistic chipmunk through the use of 3D computer graphics software, Maya and Furrocious.[36] When visual effects supervisor Thomas Schelesny showed the first animation of Pip to director Kevin Lima, he was surprised that he was a looking at a CG character and not reference footage.[38] To enhance facial expressions, the modelers gave Pip eyebrows, which real chipmunks do not have.[37] During the filming of scenes in which Pip appears, a number of ways were used to indicate the physical presence of Pip. On some occasions, a small stuffed chipmunk with a wire armature on the inside was placed in the scene. In other situations, a rod with a small marker on the end or a laser pointer would be used to show the actors and cinematographer where Pip is.[36]

In the film version, Ariel makes a deal with Ursula the sea witch, who converts her temporarily into a human in exchange for her singing voice, which the witch puts inside a seashell. In Andersen's telling, the witch silences the little mermaid by cutting off her tongue. And unlike the movie, the original story doesn't end happily ever after. Instead, the little mermaid loses her prince to a human bride and smiles at him one last time as she and her sisters rise slowly to heaven.

The 1950 Disney film "Cinderella" depicts a beautiful young woman who's been virtually enslaved by her evil stepmother but gets a chance at happiness when her fairy godmother intervenes. The godmother transforms Cinderella's ragged attire into an elegant gown so that she can attend a royal ball and meet Prince Charming. Her magical reprieve only lasts until midnight, however, and she flees, leaving behind one of her glass slippers. The prince finds it and goes looking for the mystery woman who's enthralled him. Cinderella's two evil stepsisters try on the slipper but their feet are too big. The shoe is just right for Cinderella, and she marries the handsome prince.

In Disney's 2010 movie "Tangled," a young girl's hair possesses miraculous antiaging properties, which leads her to be kidnapped and imprisoned by a witch who uses the hair to maintain her own looks. Eventually, she grows into a beautiful woman and is rescued by a daring, courageous prince, who climbs the tower by using her tresses, and then ultimately cuts Rapunzel's hair to kill the witch. Rapunzel and the prince live happily ever after [source: IMDB].

In Cinderella III: A Twist in Time, Anastasia is shown not only to have compassion for Cinderella, but to also have a conscience (while Cinderella is also shown to have compassion for Anastasia in spite of her mistreatment). She unintentionally gains access to Cinderella's fairy godmother's wand, which sets in motion her mother's nefarious plot to destroy Cinderella's "happily ever after" and gain access to an opulent lifestyle at the palace. As she is manipulated and forced into marrying the Prince as a means to fulfil her mother and sister's selfish desires, Anastasia begins to feel remorse and guilt. At the altar, realizing she does not truly love the Prince and having understood what true love really means after talking with the King, Anastasia's conscience finally gets the better of her, and to Cinderella's amazement, she refuses to marry the Prince and steps aside for Cinderella. After a tense standoff with Lady Tremaine and Drizella, where Cinderella and the Prince protect Anastasia for her honesty, and the two evil ladies are turned in toads after the spell goes against them, Anastasia acquires the wand, sets everything right and repairs her relationship with Cinderella, who subsequently invites her to stay in the castle to be her lady-in-waiting which she happily accepts. This repentant act saves her from the punishment that is seen to befall her mother and sister as Cinderella believes that Anastasia had only mistreated her since the death of her father, because Anastasia was also emotionally abused and manipulated into doing so by Lady Tremaine and she truly still had a kind heart in spite of her mother's influence; at the close of the film, they have been reduced to working as servants at the palace. During the credits, a picture shows Anastasia sitting in the palace garden while gazing happily at the baker with whom she fell in love in the second film.

The Fairy Godmother also appears as a recurring character in the Kingdom Hearts series. In the first game, after the destruction of her world by Maleficent, she manages to safely escape. She lives in Traverse Town with Merlin, and every time Sora gives her summon gem, she restores that being's spirit, allowing Sora to summon them in battle. She eventually gives Donald Duck the Lord Fortune staff. She also appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep in her own world, Castle of Dreams, reprising the same role as in the film and also shrinking Ventus and Aqua to the size of mice in order to avoid Lady Tremaine spotting them. She also makes a brief appearance in the Re Mind DLC of Kingdom Hearts III where she appears in Radiant Garden, having been asked by Merlin and Yen Sid to assist in the search for Sora by looking into Riku's dreams.

unfortunate girl who lives with her stepmother and two stepsisters,who are very mean to her.A a handsome prince is throwing a ball and everyone is going except Cinderella.Her stepmother and stepsisters order her to stay at

Fairytale fantasies do come true, and inspiration can be found in the stories of mermaids singing for their prince, of Cinderella running down the castle stairs in her ball gown and glass slippers, or by the hopeful wish inspired by a shooting star. All of the magic of storybook romance is vividly captured in rings designed to recreate the wonder and enchantment of happily-ever-after promises.

If we want to be fair, you and I at some point wanted to be princesses too, marrying a prince who'll sweep us off our feet and take us to our own happily ever after. But it didn't happen, and today, knowing that the women who in fact had that dream come through for them have the most boring, limited, and uneventful lives, leaves us feeling very grateful that our dreams did not come true.

When Cindy gets up to leave (only because her fancy dress would turn into a rag if she didn't), the prince says 'it's only midnight' like it's no big deal. Most people would agree that a realistic curfew for a teen is 10 pm on a school night (not that Cindy does any schooling) and midnight on the weekends. 12 AM is good because nothing fun really happens after 12, except dangerous stuff.

Not only does being pretty make you a better person, if you are pretty, you'll be happy forever. This is what Disney projects on our little girls. With Cinderella, the prince stops, looks up, and he walks away leaving the two 'ugly' stepsisters behind to meet her. The two run off into the sunset and live happily ever after.

The outrageousness of Cinderella's proposed happily ever after with prince charming (who she just met!) makes me ball my fist in anger. For real. They don't even know each other's names. What are they going to do for the rest of their married lives, dance arm in arm, staring into each others' eyes, singing? 041b061a72

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