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Learn Motion Graphics and VFX with After Effects CC: A Comprehensive Course

i have been using after effects for about 3 years now and i love to work in ae. i have done a lot of motion graphic projects and found this course to be the best so far. louay is a great teacher and he teaches very well. i really enjoyed the videos and he gives really good feedback and suggestions for improvement and improvements are discussed. i highly recommend this course to beginners and to intermediate ae users. you will get a lot of information in this course. i am also looking forward to the upcoming courses from louay.

Udemy – After Effects CC The Complete Motion Graphics Course


i really like the course and i found the teaching very good, but i also find the course very short and lacking a lot of details. the course is focused on motion graphics, but has very little information about the theory of after effects. this course is very good for beginners, but i am not sure it is a good foundation for anyone looking for more advanced techniques. the amount of information, depth of details and quality of the teaching is very good, but i feel the course is missing a lot of theoretical information. i recommend this course for beginners and intermediate ae users.

i have been learning about after effects for only a few weeks and i have already learned a lot about the software and i have been using it to create motion graphics for a couple of months. the course is very good for beginners and the course covers a lot of the things that you need to know in order to create great motion graphics in after effects. it covers different ways of animating objects using the tools in after effects, how to import an illustrator file, how to animate a character, how to use the motion graphics tools, how to use the text animation tools, how to create transitions, how to use the color management tool, how to use the audio tools, how to export to several formats and how to work with the 3d tools. i have learned a lot from this course and i think it is a great course to learn how to animate using after effects.

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